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Hi, I am Brandie, the broker and co-founder of J&F Associates. You are participating in this bootcamp because you have the desire and drive to succeed. I helped develop this program because I know that there is strength in numbers. Having a group of people who will bring the best out of you is very important to me. If it is important to you, then I’d like you to consider becoming a part of our team. At J&F Associates, we created a brokerage for the real estate agent that wants to do their own thing. We don’t have brokers breathing down your neck, endless meetings, mandatory floor time or any other hindrances to your freedom. We have available capital when you need help with fix & flips, outside the box deal strategies or nontraditional financing. We at J&F Associates believe that success comes from innovation rather than sticking with the status quo. We have a simple fee structure; you will never pay over $540 per closing. There are no annual fees, desk fees, insurance charges or any other hidden costs. The less money you pay us, the more you have to advertise yourself and close more deals. If you want to be the best, I recommend that you surround yourself with the best. When you are ready to make the switch, send an email to agent@jandfassociates.com

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